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VENEZIA CRAFTS & LEATHER GOODS is a 100% export oriented bags manufacturer of Bangladesh since 2010 situated at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We started our commercial operation from 2011 with technical collaboration with Japan and initially started to make and export very high quality leather bags mostly for Japan. Later on, we have added small leather goods (SLG) in our manufacturing with technical collaboration with Japan and Italy and now we are the top Crocodile brand wallets maker of Bangladesh. From 2016, we have diversified our manufacturing baskets to Jute goods, synthetic bags (PU/PVC), handicrafts and other hand crafted eco-friendly diversified items. We are member of Leathergoods and Footwear Manufacturers’ & Exporters’ Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) and also member of Bangladesh Jute Goods Exporters’ Association (BJGEA).

Now, we export our products to Japan, Korea, Australia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Poland and USA. We manufacture all kinds of bags, small leather goods, belts, jute/fabric/cotton canvas bags, backpacks, duffel bags etc. We mainly use very high quality export selection standard leather (ABCD Grades) mostly with LWG certifications together with hand art and our bag professionalism. Since the inception, we are using mostly German and Italian machinery (mostly Adler, PFAFF, Dürkopp-Adler, Juki, Brothers & Sun star brands) to manufacture bags with best quality. Even for stitching/sewing, we use needle from Germany and Japan. Other than leather, we outsource all other materials viz. Lining, PU/PVC, Glue/Adhesive, thread, reinforcement materials and all kinds of high quality rust free metal ornaments like bag buckles, buttons, rivets, bag locks, zippers, metal logos, metal chains etc from Hong Kong and China with our strong supply chain partnership.

For making leather bags, small leather goods (SLG), we mostly used cow finished high quality export grade leather and we also use sheep/goat leather. For making belts, we mostly use cow hides big side sometimes with big buffalo skins.

Located in the most exotic part of the country Ashulia from Airport to 40 minutes distance, our factory meets the highest requirements of the international buyers. To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and price through continuous improvement and customer interaction, we value our commitments to the customers. We understand and appreciate many challenges our customers face with their clients and we will support our customers with quality deadlines to the best of our ability. We are committed to our production/delivery lead time.

After almost 12 years in the manufacturing industry, we now professionally own more than 1,000 designs/collections of bags and small leather goods (SLG). We make both ODM/OEM basis and can offer our own collections of versatile exotic designs to any buyers.

Since as an international band maker, we are not permitted to sell any buyer’s international brands under license agreements with buyers, therefore, we created to offer our own brands VENEZIA (For all types of Leather items) and TIANA (Mostly for PU/PVC and other associated ancillary items). We never sell any fake/knock-off/replica brands of any buyers. We believe buying and using an international brand maker’s own created high value brand items is much preferable and better than buying/using fake/replica brands, which are never authentic/genuine, that most customers do unknowingly or without having clear knowledge on international genuine brands. We teach customers to choose right products from our product gallery. We mostly ensure high quality leather and materials, exotic look, professional hand art combined with latest technology. In our brands you will find comfort, durability, professionalism, right color combination, right materials usage which ultimately and eventually leads to the real HIGH QUALITY.


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